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"Xeriscaping" - water conservation through creative landscaping 
There are many benefits to this method. 

  • 1) Saves Water. California is experiencing its worst drought in 50 years! Over 50% of residential water use is applied to landscape and lawns. Xeriscape will cut back landscape water use by 50% - 75%. 
  • 2 ) Less Maintenance. Other than occasional pruning and weeding, maintenance is marginal. Watering necessities are minimal and can be met with a simple timed irrigation system. Using regionally appropriate plants also means fewer plants to replace every year
  • 3) No Fertilizers or Pesticides. By using plants native to our region, you can eliminate the necessity for chemical supplements. 
  • 4) Improves Property value. A decent Xeriscape will raise property values which more than offset the price of installation. 
  • 5) Pollution Free. Fuel consumption from gas mowers is reduced or eliminated with marginal turf areas. 
  • 6) Provides wildlife environment. Use of native plants, shrubs and trees provide a familiar and varied habitat for native life.

Rain water harvesters and custom irrigation systems - to augment your sustainable design we can install rain water harvesters which will further reduce your yards water needs. A custom irrigation system including sprinklers and above or below ground drip systems can also be installed if needed or desired. 

Hardscapes -  Hardscaping is any element of your landscape that is nonliving. In addition to patios, decks, driveways, and outside structures, there are many types of hardscaping features to choose from. Walkways and paths are common elements within the landscape, which are often designed using hardscape materials such as bricks, pavers, wood chips, flagstones, etc. Retaining walls consisting of rocks, concrete blocks and similar items are also common hardscape features. You may also find hardscaping features like stone steps and edging materials. Water features: ponds and waterfalls and other ornamental accessories can also be added as hardscape elements. Wood work is also considered hardscape. Any fencing, decks, arbors or trellises. Patio overheads would also be considered hardscape.

Softscapes - the living element of your landscape design - plant and tree install

We can also assist with: 

  • Drainage issues
  • Artificial turf 
  • Complete yard maintenance